Our Vision

At Focus EduSolutions, we build, market, and support a series of industry-relevant bootcamps. As part of our ongoing initiatives to enhance workforce readiness training, we are offering six bootcamps in Fintech, Data Analytics, UI/UX Design, Digital Marketing, AI in Healthcare, and Cyber Security. Unlike other bootcamp credentials currently in the market, we are heavily aligned with our industry partners. Our bootcamps train learners in highly valuable, in-demand skills that align with industry talent needs. The curriculum is application-based, focusing on practicum and real-world applications. At Focus EduSolutions, we believe in the power of networking. That’s why we will support learners through Virtual internships and Mentoring from industry executives. The curriculum and the pedagogy deliver a highly engaging learning experience with interactive scenario-based learning objects, decision-based simulations, and interactive case studies.

Data Analytics
UI/UX Design
Digital Marketing
AI in Healthcare
Cyber Security

What’s All the Buzz About Bootcamps?

Bootcamps are known for being an accelerated pathway to learning a suite of in-demand skills that lead to well-paying jobs. Bootcamp programs typically take less than one year to complete and cost a fraction of the tuition of a traditional four-year bachelor’s degree (see Average Cost of College Tuition). What sets bootcamps apart from traditional degrees, aside from time and cost, is industry relevance of the curriculum. Bootcamp curriculum is infused by industry experts, focusing only on the real-world skills employers need to fill talent shortages. Additionally, the curriculum is agile in that it adapts to the changing needs of employers. Additionally, bootcamp graduates are earning salary premiums of up to 51% more than prior jobs (see Course Report).

Aside from time, cost, and earning potential bootcamps are flexible. Whether you are fresh out of high school or college or working full-time with a family, there are part-time and full-time options to fit your schedule.

Bootcamps the Focus Way

4 to 9 months in length
100% Online Part-Time and Full-Time Options
Our instructor model utilizes industry experts who focus on workplace-application towards solving complex problems.
Instructor Led
On-ramping from Bootcamp to a LIVE experiential learning environment
Virtual Learning Experiences
Learn alongside a community of peers and instructors.
Cohort Model
Preparing learners through a practical hands-on approach.
Skills Based Curriculum
Specific skills/modules can be parsed out allowing for plug n’ play with other programs or as al-a-carte /chart your own course options.
Hyper Modularized
Additional Opportunities through our Bootcamps

Virtual 1-1 Industry Leadership Mentoring

Virtual 1-1 Industry Leadership Mentors are industry experts who Aid, Enable, Engage, & Expose learners to real-world situations. Whether it’s assisting with a questions about the industry, learning networking skills, or resume help, mentors will be there to support learners each step of way. Each student will be assigned to a mentor to connect with on a weekly basis throughout their program.

Digital Corporate Internships

Each learner will have the opportunity to participate in free Digital Corporate Internships upon completion of the program. Digital Corporate Internships are curated by Focus in partnership with top companies in the industry. Our Digital Corporate Internships target high-need skill areas for employment and offer an opportunity to introduce the learner to the culture of the organization. It also creates a bridge between the learner and the hiring department of the organization, increasing employment possibilities.

Consumer Model

Business to University
White Label content hosted on our LMS
Business to Business
Workforce training/upskilling and al-a-carte skill selection
Business to Consumer

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