Role Based Info-Sessions

What are Role Based Info-Sessions?

FES Role Based Info-Sessions (RBIs) provide great pathways to interact with learners and increase the recognition of a brand.

FES provides this platform to their corporate partners not only to augment the awareness of in-demand skills aligned to job roles but also to provide a platform for the learners to engage with the corporate representatives at a large scale to source out desirable and potential hires for their recruitment and talent acquiring requirements.

This as well as Corporate Mentorships are our flag-bearing initiatives for workforce community service.

With the added advantage of Info-session being completely job-role specific, FES learners range out to wide variations in domestic as well as global locations providing both the learners and the corporations to build a global nexus of talent source and building.

RBIs help the corporate and workforce communities to address the challenges and opportunities of any quantum and promotes better guidance to career possibilities.

Are We Doing Enough?

Skills Gap
85 million jobs globally go unfilled due to the lack of skilled professionals
Unfilled Jobs
There were 3.4 million unfilled skilled technical jobs in the United States in 2022
Job Openings
In the United States, there are 2.4 million manufacturing jobs that are unfilled due to the lack of skilled workers

Why Focus EduSolutions?

Our Mission

To bridge the skill gaps through a set of learning activities focused on equipping the learners with specific knowledge and in-demand skills needed to excel in their fields while helping corporates through the supply of these skilled workforces. At FES, you can contribute as an employer towards building new talent and developing strong and skilled workforce for the future.

“I could either watch it happen or be a part of it.”

Elon Musk

The Synergy: Collaboration between Corporates and Learners

Focus EduSolutions will check in between each step of the process to ensure a smooth transition between each step.

Corporates and Learners graphic


Do I need any software to attend this?

Yes, video conferencing software that is widely used in webinars.

How long does this RBIs run?

It depends on the topic and goals of the event. Typically, RBIs range from 45 minutes to 1 hour in length.

How many presenters/ co-presenters are included in the session?

It depends on the complexity of the topic and the availability of the speakers. Typically, 1 or 2 guest speakers.

Will the RBIs be recorded? Can I get access to recorded session of the webinar?

Yes, all these Info sessions are recorded and made available to each participant on their registered email id within a short span.

How are my questions handled during the RBIs?

We ensure sufficient time for the Q&A sessions in each RBI session through Live Chat, Audio/ Video Q&A, and Polls to keep it informative and engaging.

Will I get access to training material and PowerPoint deck used by the presenter?

Yes, we provide training materials, presentation slides, recordings of the session for participants to review the information and refer back to it in the future.

How do I join the Role Based Info-Session?

Once you register for an upcoming RBI on the website, you will receive an email with the link to join the event.

Interested in Our Role Based Info-Sessions?