Virtual Internships

What is a Virtual Internship?

The FES Virtual internships model facilitates the pre-existing corporate internship programs.

We specialize in providing a steady feed of interns for various technical and non-technical positions for which an organization may witness a dearth in onboarding and/or retaining. We believe internships contribute imperatively towards workforce management in organizations as interns bring promising value adds to the corporations by taking up ongoing or upcoming work projects, turning into full-time employees with pre-established awareness and induction to the corporation, and can prove to be worthy assets in the future.

Not only to the organizations, we believe that with Virtual Internships are also a great medium for helping students and the workforce community with higher rates of jobs during these distressing times of massive layoffs.

Interesting Internship Statistics

Intern to Full-Time
70% of employers offer ongoing, full-time jobs to successful interns
Employment Opportunities
Completing an internship gives you an 85% increased chance of being employed following graduation
Job Offers
Students who complete internships receive 16% more job offers than those who don’t
Paid Internships
More than 60% of the programs pay their interns

The Benefits of Parterning with Us



Get trained on variety of real-world scenarios
Learn Industry relevant skills
Build a strong CV
Attract talent from broader geographical area
Cost Effective as opposed to in-person sessions
Test drive potential employees before hiring


How are virtual internships beneficial to me?

VI provides hands-on experience with real-world projects, allowing interns to gain exposure to industry practices and technologies.

Why should I do a virtual internship over a traditional on-site internship?

VI offers more flexibility in terms of schedule and interns can work from anywhere with an internet connection. It saves time and cost of travel.

Can a virtual Internship experience be added as work experience in my CV and LinkedIn profile?


Will I receive feedback on my work?

Yes, you will receive feedback as part of the formal performance evaluation process.

What equipment and technology do I need to do Virtual Internship?

Typically, interns need a reliable computer, internet connection, video conferencing software, and some additional industry specific tools or software.

How long does my Virtual Internship lasts and will it improve my chances of getting a full-time opportunity with the organization?

Typically, 3 – 6 months; VI provides valuable exposure to the industry practices, which can make you a more competitive candidate for future job opportunities, including full-time positions within the organization.

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