Virtual Learning Experiences

What is a Virtual Learning Experience

Virtual Learning Experiences (VLXs) are role-based or application-based Learning Units that deliver a holistic applicable understanding of a job role vis a vis a skill-based assessment, use cases, training modules, projects, or assignments. This includes:

  • Role-based Virtual Learning Experiences (VLXs ) are tied to specific job roles.
  • A VLX is meant to challenge bootcamp-learners on cause-and-effect scenarios within an organization.
  • The design framework includes but is not limited to on-job orientation, scenario-based interactions, assessments, decision-based simulations.
  • A VLX is digitally delivered through our platform.
  • The content for each VLX will address the application of technical specialized and people skills. The VLX will also include a section of the training on the cultural code prevalent in the specific organization.
  • Company-mandated summative assessments to evaluate the efficacy of the skills acquired via the bootcamp.

What are the Challenges Corporations are Facing?

  • Skills-Deficit
    Jobs that are currently skill-deficient for existing or upcoming roles and positions in a corporation
  • Impact of the Pandemic
    How the pandemic has impacted the job market
  • Skill Acquisition Pathways for Unskilled Workforce
    Making acquired skills sustainable toward current and future employability
  • Marketing of In-Demand Job Roles
    Marketing the skills required for in-demand job roles to the unskilled workforce
  • Career Mobility
    The impact of career mobility outcomes for talent acquisition
  • Job Positions
    Filling the positions that are open and unfulfilled

Benefits of Bootcamps Through Focus EduSolutions

Obtain access to the talent pool that comes from our university partnerships.
Diligent focus on the hiring process completely customized as per your protocol
To “geo-locate” individual talents for particular locations of your organization
To effectuate hiring, skilling, and reskilling the current and future workforce in the organization

The Possibilities

VLX Partnerships
Build a VLX Partnership for creating and marketing Role Based VLX simulations for University branded bootcamps
Role-Based Certificates
Building role-based certificates of the company and marketing through our University channel
Current or New Internship
Build or align current or new internship opportunities leading to career pathways in the company

Building Process and Action Plan

Sign a MOU for 3 years
Identify the number of role-based VLXs and bootcamps to be featured
Assign training development team and set a project plan for content
Focus EduSolutions will build the training content and simulations along with any custom media and video assets
The VLX will be assigned to the bootcamp
Focus EduSolutions will market the VLX under your company name and branding

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