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Micro-Credentials through Worcester State University

At Worcester State University, we believe that education is a lifelong journey. That's why we offer a range of innovative opportunities for continuing education, including the option to earn micro-credentials.

Through our micro-credential programs, we aim to empower learners with valuable expertise that can be immediately applied in their careers. Whether you are looking to upskill in a particular field, explore new areas of knowledge, or stay current with the latest advancements, our micro-credentials offer a convenient and focused way to achieve your educational goals.

By choosing Worcester State University for your continuing education needs, you can benefit from a supportive learning community and access to state-of-the-art resources. We understand the demands of balancing work, family, and personal commitments, which is why our micro-credential programs are designed to be flexible, with online and blended learning options available.

Invest in your professional growth and expand your horizons with Worcester State University's micro-credentials. Take the next step in your educational journey and unlock new opportunities for personal and career advancement.


What are Micro-Credentials?

A micro-credential is a professional learning pathway where students gain skill sets in a specific technical area and receive a credential within a matter of weeks. Micro-credentials are affordable, flexible, and industry-based which allows a student to complete a course at their own pace while assuring they are gaining industry knowledge and skills.

Each credential is designed by subject matter experts who have extensive experience in that industry. These courses include online simulations, case studies, various technologies, and a variety of assessment methods to ensure skills acquisition. Micro-credentials demonstrate to employers the understanding of in-demand skills and industry awareness.



Cannabis Business

This credential has a focused curriculum with an aim to enhance the skills and knowledge needed to work in the cannabis industry. The skills and knowledge gained through this credential are highly relevant and in demand in the job market and will help advance their career.


Cannabis Cultivation and Production Management

This program is carefully designed to aid Cannabis cultivators and employees in gaining knowledge on the various aspects of cannabis cultivation and production management through interactive activities, videos, quizzes, and real-life scenarios.



Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

This course focuses on inward and outward to gain a full understanding of how our brain works with us and without us, why our brain is wired to use bias in problem-solving, and how to re-wire those decisions to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Food Truck Entrepreneurship

This credential is for the current or prospective Food Truck Entrepreneur, owner, and operator! The Food Truck Industry is a growing industry that is QUICKLY outpacing traditional restaurant growth, providing benefits to both consumers and owners!


Insurance Sales Accelerator

In the Insurance Sales Accelerator, you will learn the foundations of insurance, the ins and outs of personal line insurance such as auto, home, and life insurance, why they are needed, how they work together, and how you will engage these tools to improve the lives of others.


Massachusetts Cannabis Regulatory Compliance Training

The program will explore the complex and nuanced regulatory structure of Massachusetts’ legal Cannabis industry.


Medicinal Cannabis

By the end of this course, dispensary workers will be able to describe the anatomy and physiology of the cannabis plant. Participants will be able to interpret Certificates of Analysis to assist patients in selecting the most appropriate products for their specific conditions.


Smart Manufacturing

Learn the importance of digital transformation, from underlying technologies, data, and machine use, to the impact on the business and its people in the transition from 3.0 to 4.0. This credential is for everyone in manufacturing, entering the transformation of the 3.0 to 4.0 transition.


Trucking Operations

This credential is for the aspiring transportation operations manager who is learning to manage all transportation or hauling needs within a business, such as budgets, schedules, and route planning.

Still Have Questions?

What are the steps in the enrollment process?

It is as easy as clicking on "Enroll Now" and submitting your information and payment. If you need any assistance before enrolling please reach out to one of our Admissions Counselors at WSU.Admissions@focusedusolutions.com.

What are the technical and equipment requirements?

For best performance, you should be using the most up-to-date version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari. These Micro-Credentials can be run on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, or any other device with a modern web browser.

Supported Browsers:

Current and first previous major releases of the following browsers are supported.

  • Chrome 96 and 97 or higher

  • Firefox 95 and 96 or higher

  • Safari 14 and 15 (Macintosh only) or higher

  • Edge 96 and 97 or higher

Is financial aid available?

We currently offer installment plans for a flexible and affordable option. For more payment options please contact an Admissions Counselor at WSU.Admissions@focusedusolutions.com.

What is the refund policy?
  • No refund will be issued if the student has paid in full or in part and has logged in to the LMS with the login credentials.
  • A student with access to the course will not be eligible for refunds. Access entails logging in to the course.
  • A student is allowed a full refund of the purchase price within 24 hrs. if the user does not log in to the LMS.
  • No refunds are allowed after 24 hrs. of purchase, even if the student does not log in to the course indefinitely.
Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

Please feel free to use any of these options to reach out to us. We would love to hear from you!

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